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Coco Loco Point

Left hand point break out front of Coco Loco...

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The Bay

A short walk down the beach from coco loco, this picturesque bay is great for beginners and intermediates...

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The Boom

Famous barreling beach break...

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La Isla

consistant point break accessible by boat, this place is a swell magnet and has 3 setups...

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Maderas Negras

this river mouth south of la isla is a great low tide option with a few different styles of wave including relatively easy barrels when the winds are good!

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...and so many more waves

Step into a world of endless possibilities around Coco Loco Resort, where the waves beckon and your surfing dreams become reality. Whether you seek the tranquility of a calm and cruisee wave or the adrenaline rush of heavy barrels, this area has it all. Come and experience the beauty and excitement of our remarkable surf options!

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